Cuban American Policy On Cuban Immigrants

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Jose Contreras Ms. Bryan Composition and Grammar 8 Period 3 22 November 2016 Elian Gonzalez: Analyzing The Impact As an illegal immigrant fleeing from Cuba, Elian Gonzalez came to the United States and caused a large discussion over whether or not he would stay, which helped reform The United States’ policy on Cuban immigrants. Cuban-American policy is a very controversial subject. Elian Gonzalez’s case changed the United states. At the time many Cubans were coming to the United States and they were allowed to stay because of a policy called the wet foot, dry foot policy which said that if Cubans reached United States soil they would be allowed to stay but if they were found in the water they would be deported. They were also coming because of the effect of the embargo. People began migrating from Cuba after a man named Fidel Castro overthrew the previous dictator of Cuba in 1959. Fidel Castro promised democratic policies but soon after taking control he began making the government totalitarian and everyone who opposed him was imprisoned. Castro became even more totalitarian and communist because he wanted complete control of Cuba. Because of this relations between Cuba and the United States worsened. At one point Castro nationalized American businesses without compensation. After this a complete embargo was put into effect. The embargo caused there to be more poverty in Cuba. Cuba became more allied with the soviets. The embargo caused many Cuban citizens to flee Cuba

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