Cuban Culture

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The encounter between the Old World and New World established a fusion of African and Spanish cultures, which is incredibly important in Cuba through the medium of music and festivals, leading to diversity in the region, and ultimately forming a unique cultural identity. Cuba nowadays consists of a large European and African population, which was mainly caused by The Columbian Exchange and the Slave Trade, and the large amount of migration, including forced migration that started as a result of that. Cuba has a popular form of music and dance, which promotes the blending of African and Spanish cultures, called Changui (citation). It is described as a “love affair between the African drum and Spanish guitar”, and that description demonstrates…show more content…
During the 18th and 19th century, tea and beaver hats became very fashionable and were sought-after by Europeans, which led to the creation of a global industry in which Europeans benefited and everyone else mainly lost out. In England, tea suddenly became an in-demand product, as the royal family made tea a popular drink among the elite and consequently, a tea culture emerged and spread towards the rest of the population (Tea reading). The popularity of tea resulted in the demand of teaware and therefore the establishment of teaware companies, such as Wedgwood, which is still running today, and this illustrates that its citizens have embraced all the elegant aspects of the drink as a major part of their culture over the past three centuries. In addition to tea, beaver hats were also attracting Europeans, but they had to acquire beaver fur from North America because over-hunting in Europe diminished the beaver population (Beaver reading). The Europeans offer the Americans many resources in exchange for beaver fur, most notably guns, gun flints, and shot and balls, which became influential in later years, because they played a massive part in the American Revolutionary War, and is now regarded as a necessary item in their culture. Due to the exchange that started as a result of the demand for tea and beaver fur, British culture transformed and became centered around the drink, while American culture developed from the arrival of weapons to the region, which demonstrates massive cultural changes in both the Old World and New World
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