Cuban Missile Crisis Essay

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For 13 days in October 1962, the world was threatened by nuclear war. This event is known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. This event was the closest to nuclear war then world has ever gotten since the US dropped the nuclear missiles on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The USSR had been shipping nuclear missiles to Cuba to deter the threat of the nuclear missiles that could hit the USSR that were in Turkey and Italy. Cuba is a repressive communist society just like the USSR, and it was close enough to the US to hit any major city with the nuclear missiles. In order to protect the USSR and Cuba from the acts of aggression from the western world to keep the unequal political system of Capitalism, the USSR wanted to keep communism in the world, they…show more content…
Khrushchev was very involved with the communists even before they took power. Kruschev joined the Communist Bolsheviks in 1929 when he moved to Moscow with his family. When Joseph Stalin died in 1953, Kruschev positioned himself to be his successor, 6 months later, he became the leader of the Communist party and one of the most powerful people in the USSR. Kruschev had a bad relationship with the west. Relations were gone when the Soviets shot down a U-2 spy plane deep inside Russian airspace. Russia did this 1- to see how US would react to a plane being shot down and 2- Because the Soviets did not want an American plane flying over their country taking pictures without there permission. This was not a smart idea for the Soviets because we lost all diplomatic relations with each other and hated each other. A year later, 15 nuclear tipped Jupiter missiles were placed in Turkey, ready to fire if needed. This event made Kruschev look weak for not doing anything in response. Russia decided to up the ante and called for the deployment of “defensive” missiles in Cuba. In July 1962, Fidel Castro’s brother went to Russia on a non-explainable mission. Later that month, US U-2 spy planes watched as ships left the USSR headed for Cuba with various types of military equipment, Including bombers, patrol aircraft and 24 surface to air missiles. The planes failed to notice the 80 missiles and 40 nuclear warheads. How did these planes fail

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