Cuban Missile Crisis Response Paper

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Response Paper

The main thing that Cuba wanted was peace between Russia, United States and themselves. It was a good thing that both the Soviet Union and United States also wanted peace, but for them to have peace some demands had to be taken into consideration.

Russia's president Nikita Khrushchev talked about the missiles, which were only placed in Cuba for defense. They also wanted to avoid further conflict between the United states, but they also said that if some conflict were to arise the Soviet Union would not back down. The reasoning for the missiles in Cuba was because it would even the playing field since the United States had missiles in Turkey. Ultimately they wanted the protection of Cuba and themselves.

The United
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The missiles are in Cuba to only defend its country from foreign attacks it would not be used for any other reason. The removal of the missiles is too costly for Cuba to do.

Cuba should not remove the missile and take the risk of an air strike. The reasons why is because we would be far too vulnerable without the missile in Cuba. Second we do not need the Embargo Act to be removed for the country to prosper and grow.

The Soviet Union will provide the protection that Cuba needs against the air strike from the United States. If the U.S decides to even go through with the plan it would cost them more damage than just letting Cuba keep the missiles for protection purposes only. Cuba has other opportunities and ways for it to grow economically they do not need the help of the U.S.

Cuba does not need to remove the missiles because it is the only way they can protect themselves. It is the better option to keep the missiles and continue to have the Soviet Union as an ally. Cuba should not give in to the demands of the U.S or their threat to attack. The nation of cuba should stand strong and keep fighting for peace and equality, but if the United States attacks Cuba we have no choice but to
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