Cuban Missile Crisis : The United States

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Michael Gannon
Prof. Pauly
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April 14, 2015
Cuban Missile Crisis Telegram
November 1, 1962
1. SUMMARY: The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the scariest moments in United States history and was quite possibly the closest the United States has come to all-out nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Starting with the Cuban Revolution in the 1950’s, which lead to our failure at the Bay of Pigs, and eventually culminating with the thirteen-day confrontation between our government and the government of the USSR regarding the placement of ballistic missiles in our close Caribbean neighbor, Cuba, the Cuban Missile Crisis was truly a terrifying experience. The placement of ballistic missiles in Cuba by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev not only had massive implications in the Western hemisphere, but in Europe as well, specifically Berlin.

2. COMMENT: Khrushchev’s involvement in Cuba was obviously a strategy to protect communist interests in the Western hemisphere while also trying to maintain power in Europe, specifically Berlin. As a way to ‘balance the power’ in the world Khrushchev proposed the secret deliverance of nuclear missiles to the small Caribbean island nation of Cuba. ‘Operation Anadyr,’ which is the Soviet name for the operation which placed ballistic missiles in Cuba, was the Soviets attempt at trying to trick Western intelligence, as Anadyr was also a river in Siberia (Zubok). As I heard…
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