Cuban Politics And Its Effects On The United States

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Alberto Korda took two photos on March 5, 1960. One of the still frames would immortalize one of the most infamous and controversial ideologues to have ever lived. The image being draped over millions of shirts, posters, and most significantly the Ministry of the Interior building in Cuba. Che Guevara being celebrated by the Castro’s, and his ideals forced upon Cuba by them. The Castro family has held power in Cuba since the 1960’s. Cuba being ruled by Fidel Castro until recently his brother Raul took charge. Both men being disliked by the global public and Fidel Castro recognized as an evil dictator. What is many times overlooked was the fact that Che Guevara was just as pivotal to the sinister Cuban regime. Che had major effects on the abuse of a society, Cuban politics, and the justification of evil.
While still idolized by many, Che was far from a hero or a just man. Through the annals of history there have always been false idols who have abused power. The individuals who lead these great attacks on not only people that they attack but the good of humanity as a whole. Che Guevara was a leader of the Cuban Revolution who still represents hope and anti-oppression for many. Despite his later vile and atrocious acts he is still mistakenly viewed as an icon a facade of what is imagined of him to be. The reality is that he committed evil and impermissible acts “This is a man who banned music, burned books, hated blacks, was an anti-Semite, murdered those who disagreed with
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