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Cuban and U.S. Relations From the time, Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba tensions ran high between the Cuban government and the United States government. Relations between Cuba and the United States grew during Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. Not as much during the Eisenhower administration as the Kennedy administration did tensions between between the two countries intensify. Kennedy faced many a different situations as President. He faced such situations like the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Tensions have mounted high for a long time between Cuba and the United States. Towards the end of President Eisenhower's second term he ran into the increasingly strident attacks from the radical Fidel…show more content…
The training of the exiles took place towards the end of Eisenhower's term as President of the United States. He took very few steps in the direction of having the exiles return to Cuba to overthrow Castro. The training took place when President Eisenhower was leaving office and President-elect Kennedy was coming into office. Upon coming into office, President Kennedy was told of the training of Cuban exiles in Guatemala by CIA director Allen Dulles. Kennedy gave his approval for the training of the exiles to continue. He later went to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to evaluate the situation. They came to the conclusion that even though the CIA was training the exiles they wouldn't have a very good chance of succeeding in overthrowing the dictator of Cuba. They felt that even to have a chance of success they would need the people still living in Cuba, who were unhappy with the government, to rebel at the same time they were to come ashore (Think Quest). After Kennedy had a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff the President Guatemala ordered the CIA and the Cuban exiles out of his country. Kennedy was forced to make a quick decision. The president was then informed that the Cubans were receiving a shipment of fighter crafts from the Soviets. After this President Kennedy got this news he gave the green light for the mission, but had the right
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