Cubicles Are Not Appropriate For Modern Offices

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Cubicles are not appropriate for modern offices. Instant and easy communication is built on teams working efficiently together. This necessitates an open work space environment. Currently cubicles prevent employees from communication. It is not hard to see that employees just call each other on phone every day. They even only know each other by sound rather than see each other ever. Open work space is needed now to boost the collaboration and provide more value to the satisfaction of the employees. Let us picture the open workspace. Instead of building costly concrete buildings, we will recreate the office environment. We will eliminate cubicles and set up open space for the employees. Employees would be able to work on a set of tasks together. For example, programmers in the company, most of the time, are in charge of only a small part of the whole project. If they cannot communicate well, it always doubles the time and the cost. In this respect, these key features make a good open space:  More whiteboard, comfortable bean sofa, multiple cafeterias, other places to read and work. Employees can move their desk and chairs rather than stay in the confined offices all day.  More areas that hold more than one person to encourage communication.  Purpose-free generic “thinking” areas in open-plan spaces, which encourage workers to do their thinking in the presence of other people, rather than alone.  To protect privacy, private offices and meeting rooms will also be

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