Cubism And Post-Impressionism And The Movements That Influenced The Sexualization Of Women

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The movements that greatly influenced the sexualization of woman would be Cubism and Post-Impressionism. This theme is based on the idea that “female nudity is the most popular convention that promotes the topic of sexuality in art. As well as the idea that a lot can be said and taught about feminism while looking at the tradition of female nudity in different artworks.” The social construct of how the different genders (male and female) are portrayed in Modern paintings is another very complex topic that is emphasized in these two pieces. For example, “women are given certain expectations and ideas of how they should behave.” One thing that is not so prominent in the theme would be how the “sexualation of woman could be less than offensive and how at this time it actually was more based on a woman's fertility and maternity than anything.” The role of gender and sexuality in modern art is very prominent in paintings that come from Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso. However, Cezanne returned to the traditional way of sexualizing nude female figures, while Picasso put his own twist on the subject matter.
Paul Cezanne touched on this topic in his 1906 oil painting The Large Bathers. This piece influenced many Modern Artists, especially Pablo Picasso. This life-size painting is an unfinished piece that features fourteen naked women on a riverbank. Cezanne intentionally sexualized the woman in his painting by painting them nude, “not to carry a freight of meaning, but rather,
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