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In 1907, The Cubism is a new art movement which was created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque who challenged the traditional art by refusing the single viewpoint in their painting. The achievement they got was based on Picasso’s first phase which he called Analytic Cubism and then developed to second phase – Synthetic Cubism. From studios of Picasso and Braque, there are many different forms of Cubism have been created and became something that changed the world of art. This art movement was formed as a new way to represent the world through the viewpoints of different art movement. According to Portrayals (2007): “Cubism is the most radical, innovative, and influential ism of twentieth-century art. It is complete denial of Classical…show more content…
For example, in the large painting of Picasso - Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, he ignored the rules of traditional art such as space, shapes, perspective and natural proportion. Therefore, “The illusion of space and plasticity takes second place to the question of representation and structuring of forms” (Anne 2004 p. 7) With Cubism, Picasso and Braque literally represented the reality around them – still-life, landscapes and portraits in a way that challenged the traditional theories of perspective with a reinterpreted a viewpoint. These methods were formed by using different shapes, geometric, edges and depthless colors in their painting (Wise geek, 2003). In Braque’s case, he’s received a huge achievement of a measure of formal autonomy. As Werner (1990, p. 30) points out: “A move towards the geometrical is apparent in both the pyramid like form and the precise but nevertheless “painted” lines which chant out the rhythm”. He refused to use a horizontal or vertical structure in his painting. Yet, he simplified colors in his painting with brown, ocher and gray, that’s how he described a typical Cubism. But not like the fragment structure of Braque’s early still-life works, Picasso’s Cubism has become fully

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