Cubism : The Importance And Influence Of Art

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Art is a form of symbolic expression in which artists are free to express their imaginations in different visual styles. Artists create pieces that reflect upon the artist’s lifetime or themselves directly. Every creation has a purpose which gives specific meaning and importance to each composition; however, art changes over time, and so does its purpose. Change can be brought upon through many factors, the most influential being time. As time progresses, advancement in technology and resources which allows for artistic innovation. Different techniques of creation form for different visual appeals. Completely different structure-based projects are born like the art of sculpting and architecture. Adding on, artistic methods can evolve; painting evolved from realistic self portraits of royalty and riches to a style of art known as “Cubism,” in which the artist uses block shapes and unusual modern design that is sometimes seemingly hard to depict from the viewer’s eye. Artists are likely to create pieces that form a response that reflects upon what is going on at that present time. Depending on their mood, religious beliefs, political stances, and social messages can be the purpose behind a particular creation. In response the Spanish Civil War, Pablo Picasso created a piece known as “Guernica” which reflected upon the fascist dictator’s, Francisco Franco, cruelty and hostility towards his civilians. He used a cubism design and dark colors to express the emotions of

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