Cubs Curse Essay

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English 102 Research Paper What is a curse? A curse could be defined as anything negative wished upon a person or place. So is it possible that an entire franchise be cursed? Well this is the case for one Major League baseball club, the Chicago Cubs. It has been over 100 years, 1908, since the Cubs have won the World Series. With many many great teams since then and no World Championships, is it too much to think that maybe, just maybe this franchise, is cursed? Well from the Billy goat in 1945 to the black cat in 1969 and Steve Bartman in 2003, many unfortunate events have occurred that have led many to believe that in fact the Chicago Cubs franchise is cursed. Cub pride was at its height in 1945. The war was over, the boys were…show more content…
The Mets won both games, and the Cubs left New York with a record of 84-58 just ½ game in front. Disaster followed in Philadelphia, as a 99-loss Phillies team nonetheless defeated the Cubs twice, to extend Chicago's losing streak to eight games. In a key play in the second game, on September 11, Cubs starter Dick Selma threw a surprise pickoff attempt to third baseman Ron Santo, who was nowhere near the bag or the ball. Selma's throwing error opened the gates to a Phillies rally. After that second Philly loss, the Cubs were 84-60 and the Mets had pulled ahead at 85-57. The Mets would not look back. The Cubs' eight-game losing streak finally ended the next day in St. Louis, but the Mets were in the midst of a ten-game winning streak, and the Cubs, wilting from team fatigue, generally deteriorated in all phases of the game. The Mets would go on to win the World Series. The Cubs, despite a respectable 92-70 record, would be remembered for having lost a remarkable 17½ games in the standings to the Mets in the last quarter of the season. Some superstitious fans attribute the Cubs collapse to an incident at Shea Stadium on September 9: a black cat (an omen of bad luck) walked behind the Cubs on-deck circle. Some fans blame key errors by center fielder Don Young and captain Ron Santo's immediate. Still others blame the number of day
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