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Is the cuckold lifestyle more widespread and common than what most probably assume? A friend of mine reads my articles fairly frequently. He shall remain nameless for reasons that will become obvious. He read a recent story I wrote about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In the headline, I suggested that Brad Pitt might be a 'cuckold'. A cuckold is a term for a man whose wife cheats on him with another man. My friend and I had a few beers last night while watching the New York Jets lose, unfortunately, to the Indianapolis Colts. After the game, our conversation was, well, quite interesting to say the least. Undoubtedly aided by three or four (five?) beers, my friend laughed and said I didn't even understand what 'cuckold' means. Well, that's…show more content…
In the blogging and podcasting community it is essential to be effective with consistent content and product production. I've worked with VA's from Canada, India, South America, North America & the Philippines. This article speaks to points I've learned in my efforts most recently with Filipinos physically in the Philippines. Filipino VA's Point of Views, Perceptions or Insights Nowadays, many Filipinos are striving hard to keep up with the fast pace life of the world in their community. Filipinos are trying their best to land a job that offer high salary to take care of their families. Being a virtual assistant allows a Filipino to work from home and provide for their family in some cases where they are the sole provider. Filipino VA's Preserver One of the characteristics of a Filipino is being resourceful and with high endurance. Filipino's are very family oriented and connect to their "Why" deeply. They understand there "Why" which is their vision for the future which allows them to overcome obstacles. They do all that they can just to survive. Their life is challenging anyway, so being loyal in spite of difficulty is something they are willing to do. The first priorities of the Filipinos are their Family. They highly value the presence of their families more than anything. They work hard just to support the needs of their family. If you understand that family need, you will understand their "Why" and get the to work with you as a solid team player. Filipino's Like Clear Instructions Filipinos are very competent when they get a system clearly defined. They can become unconsciously competent and make a supreme effort to live life to the fullest. With the proper direct training a Filipino will put in more effort than requested. Most of the Filipinos today are used to working as Virtual Assistant or VA. Virtual Assistant or VA is generally self-employed and
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