Cucumber ( Cucumis Sativus ) Is Part Of The Cucurbitaceae Family

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Throughout the world there are a large range of fruit and vegetables being produced and supplied to consumers, these products have to meet harvesting standards to ensure good quality. Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is part of the cucurbitaceae family, is also a short day plant and originated from India. In 2012 the world produced 65,134.08 million kilos, this was a new all time high. China produces 48,000 million kilos, this is 73% of the worlds production (Fresh Plaza, 2014). Cucumbers are generally grown indoors in a hydroponic system when grown commercially this is a lot more efficient as the environment can be controlled, this will help ensure growers are supplying quality cucumbers for consumers, this will also help with profitability. There are high standards that need to be met when growing cucumbers commercially starting from the seed all the way to the harvesting of the cucumber. The most important part is in the early stages as this helps ensure good establishment and good foundations to give the crop the best chance of producing good quality, high yield vegetable crop.

In a natural environment temperature is always changing, sometimes not for the better, but in an indoor hydroponic system this can be controlled. Temperature is very important when growing cucumbers as they love heat, this can have a huge impact on the quality and total yield of the crop. Being indoors really helps decrease the amount of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi as rainfall is unable to

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