Cue-Arousal Theory

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What Is Aggression
Aggressive behaviour develop where an individual is being praised or rewarded for being forceful. Being praised or rewarded for such action, can be an encouragement and reinforcement to perform such behaviour in the future.
According to (Cherry) aggression is the continuous, unacceptable behaviour that can cause physical and psychological harm to people in general, or objects in out surroundings. It is a behaviour that is self ascertained with hostility and harmful tones and can be from a normal reaction to a threat, or can be abnormal because of provocation.
Aggression can be referred to any behaviour that causes hostility, destruction, and/or violence related. It has the potential to inflict injury, or damage the
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I think that people can be antisocial and unkind to others and decide that because they are in a crowd or a group, they can do whatever they desire. In groups, they can make decisions among themselves to rape and, or kill you. This behaviour would come about because there is no one to identify you to say you are the one who did this to me.
Individuals of such would go unpunished unless someone from that particular group is willing to speak out against what was done.
Relative Deprivation Theory
Based on what (Walker and Smith, 2001) said, relative deprivation is the knowledge gained of being deprived of something that he or she is entitled to get. Relative deprivation talks about people who are not satisfied when they compare their positions to others and find out that they have less than their peers or others. When people feel that they deserve more than they have got, this can cause frustration which will lead to aggression. This occurs when people compare what they have and it often occurs when conditions are improving and expectations are rising, but are not met. It can be a temporary behaviour.
“People are not aroused to political action as a result not of absolute changes in their material conditions but of changes relative to the circumstances of those with whom they compare themselves”. Relative deprivation occurs where people or groups see themselves as being treated unfairly over others
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