Cue For Treason By Geoffrey Trease: Summary

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In chapters 6-10 of the book, “Cue for Treason” by Geoffrey Trease, Peter was threatened by a young boy named Christopher Kirkstone which is short for Kit who wanted to join the actors to perform in their plays. He had impressed Mr. Desmond with his acting and, in the end, he was accepted. He was an amazing actor and he played the part of the girl well. The next morning, Mrs. Desmond asked if they wanted to write letters back home and the two boys said yes as they were homesick. As they went to drop off the letters, Peter discovers Kit’s letter was addressed to Sir Philip Morton. As the days went by, Kit never wanted to play games or swim with the other boys in the troupe. The group continued to move towards London, but it was getting difficult…show more content…
Desmond sent regarding the situation they were in. While Peter and Kit are planning what to do, they meet a man named Shakespeare. Shakespeare takes both Peter and Kit under his wings. He gives them a place to sleep and something to eat. Peter and Kit does a small audition for parts in the play of Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare. They both get parts in a play. Kit is Juliet and Peter is Lady Montague. Peter receives a letter from his mom telling him not to return anytime soon due to the problems occurring in the town. On the day of performing the play, Kit ran away before the play, Romeo and Juliet begins. Sir Philip arrives to watch the play. Kit thought Sir Philip would recognize her and ran away so he won’t have to marry him. Sir Philip wanted to marry her to get her estate. Peter must play Juliet for Kit. Peter had to act really well so Sir Philip wouldn’t recognize him either since he is also in a situation to escape from him. He did such a good job performing the role, therefore, Sir Philip gave him a gift. In conclusion, Sir Philip has still not found or recognized Peter or Kit and the two of them are safe at the moment under the wings of
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