Culinary Arts At The University Of Colorado Boulder Essay

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He started one of the most successful Mexican fast casual restaurants to date with a hefty loan from his father and an old Dolly Madison shop that had been shut down. This person is Steve Ells, born in Indianapolis, Indiana and going to high school in Boulder, Colorado, no one would think that he would make the next big thing in the Mexican restaurants being that it is nowhere close to Mexico or the culture. Nonetheless Steve always had a passion for culinary arts, as a kid his mother would give him tips on cooking, he would also watch Julia Child. In high school he would cook for friends all the time, but did not pursue any culinary dreams out of high school. He would end up going to college at the University of Colorado Boulder to major in Art History. After four years at the university he went on to enroll in the Culinary Art Institute of America. At the completion of his culinary courses he moved to San Francisco, here he would work at Stars a high end restaurant owned by Jeremiah Tower as his sous-chef. While in San Francisco Steve would be influenced to start his own restaurant, but he did not have the funds to just simply do it. So inspired by a taquiera close to his house, he moved back to Colorado in 1992 and got a loan from his father to start a fast casual restaurant to get the money to start something bigger. Little did he know that he would start what would turn out to be Chipotle. In 1992 Steve would start looking for a place to start his little burrito

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