Culinary Experiences of the World: Vietnam Essay examples

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Vietnam Research Paper

In my foods class we learned about Vietnam, and made lemongrass chicken curry to share with the class. To have a better understanding of the country, it’s culture, and to recognize why the recipe was written the way it was, we researched about Vietnam.

The country is located along the South China Sea. However it’s capital, Hanoi, has coastal areas along the Gulf of Tonkin and some of it’s southernmost cities are located adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand. Vietnam has many neighbors, such as Cambodia, Laos, China, and Thailand. Although it isn’t very a very wide country, it takes up enough space vertically to make it roughly the size of Germany. Since the 90’s it has become a major tourist vacation spot, as it’s
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They also brought over many other western sports like chess, volleyball, tennis, badminton and ping-pong.

Vietnam is most known for it’s production of rice. Before the civil war; or the Vietnam war as it’s known in the US, it was mostly an agricultural country. However the tech industry is growing fast as the country continues to rebuild. Also, Vietnam recently became a member of the oil industry, and has become the third largest in Southern Asia. Vietnam’s poverty rate has been steadily declining over time. Now, it has a lower rate than many of its neighboring countries; including the Philippines, China, and India. From these new expansions to the country, Vietnam will most likely have the 17th largest economy by 2025.

The most widely known dish from Vietnam is Phở. It is a noodle bowl that is usually made with rice noodles, but sometime egg noodles can also be substituted. A popular way to eat it is to order it with thin strips of raw beef, which you put under the noodles. The soup is so hot that it cooks the beef into tender pieces. Phở restaurants can be found throughout the US, and just about everywhere else too. It is a great way to eat out, as it is very inexpensive but very delicious. Some of the most used ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine are fish sauce, rice, and fresh greens. Traditional Vietnamese cooking doesn’t rely on oil. Instead it mainly uses herbs and vegetables. Vietnamese food is considered one of the

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