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Cumulating Project For RDG 543 PART ONE: PHYSICAL CLASSROOM SETTING 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 11 19 10 20 9 21 8 22 7 23 6 24 5 25 4 26 3 27 2 28 1 29 30 Door Classroom dimensions: approximately 27’ by 42’ Classroom consists of 30 desktop PC’s for individual student use. These PC’s are situated on a shelf that is built into the wall and not able to be moved. The PC’s are hard wired into the network for internet connections. PC’s are all configured with Microsoft Office 2013. In addition to individual student PC’s, there are 15 traditional student desks that are used for discussion areas and for students to use when not on the PC. Some students find it more…show more content…
Add fashion logos and decorations as you see fit Animation and object layering Project – Option C – African Savannah Open PPT and save the file as yourlast_yourfirst_animatelayering_todaysdate Insert a green rectangle onto the first slide. Search Google images for a grass texture. Make that picture your fill. Draw at least three different trees using only shapes from the insert tab. Insert other vegetation using shapes as you see fit. Give the savannah a 3D appearance by choosing the Riblet bevel. Group the savannah and trees/vegetation. Find a lion picture on Google. Insert it into a blank slide and remove the background. Size the lion so that it is 1.5 inches high. Insert the lion into the savannah. Use an entrance animation that brings the lion onto the savannah from off the left slide and have the lion come to rest in the right side. Find three silhouettes of other African animals and bring them across the savannah using 3 different entrance animations. Add a sun set, birds flying and a “tree of life” as you see fit. Animación y capas de los objetos del proyecto - Opción A - El campo y los jugadores de fútbol • PPT Abrir y guardar el archivo como yourlast_yourfirst_animatelayering_todaysdate • Inserte un rectángulo verde en la primera diapositiva. Buscar en Google imágenes para una textura de hierba. Hacer que la imagen de su llenado.

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