Cult Of Domesticity Research Paper

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The new cult of domesticity gave women the ability to stand equal to their husband when it came to their household. Whereas before a wife job was solely to wait on the family. This only occurred because of the growth of the market economy, which took husbands away from their homes. With the father being gone so much, wives were considered to be the head of the household. Under the new cult of domesticity women weren’t looked at as submissive, housekeeper and one to only rise kids. Women were consider to be the matriarch and lawgivers within the household. The new cult of domesticity powers for a wife was limited to only within the household. A wife was not able to extend her interests outside of household affairs. They were only expected to control issues within the household. Wives were unable to start careers or think of doing anything outside of the house besides taking care of the family.
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