Cult of the Virgin in the Gothic Era:

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Cult of the Virgin in the Gothic Era:
Was there another side to the Virgin’s image? In the Gothic era, when it was popular for artist to create images and symbols of the Virgin Mary, began the Cult of the Virgin. Many artists focused on the Virgin Mary with Christ as the main topic in their art work. Did all the creations made of the Virgin portray her as good? Could some of the artists want to give a negative interpretation of the Virgin that could have only been seen through the artist’s eye and the eye of the beholder? I ask this question for the mere fact that anything regarding religion usually is controversial and I wonder if the symbol of the Virgin could have had another side to the story. There are many virgins from our
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So, until an amazing situation like finding a time warp machine is discovered, we will only be able to speculate and debate with ourselves and each other the factual answer to the historical questions of our past. I’m sure we all have questioned one thing or another to realize that the only true answer lies in the past. An answer that could only come from our history. Well one of my curiosities is based on the art produced during the Gothic era of the images of the Virgin and baby Jesus. I want to know if these images portrayed of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus all created to give a positive message? This is my findings.

I’ve focused on three art pieces which are so beautiful to me. The statue of The Maltese Virgin and Child at the Chancery House with the virgin holding baby in her arms with both looking into the sky, a Byzantine painting from the Byzantinscher Maler Jahrhunderts with the virgin holding child in her lap with baby looking at her and virgin looking at us and lastly, a marble statue located at The Metropolitan Museum of Art of the virgin sitting down holding child in her lap looking into baby’s eyes and baby looking into hers. First, I would like to assess that considering all these pieces are made in the same era they all have a different feel to them. To me each piece is so
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