Cults Of The People 's Temple

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Since from the beginning and as far as the eye can see, cults have been and will continue to be part of human life. These small religious groups can happen anywhere and have been the cause of much debate and interest. For humans have an innate need to know why things are the way they are. Cults for one have done some rather unmoral things that lead the people to ask, "Why did they do it?" The People 's Temple, Aum Shinrikyo, and Ku Klux Klan are extraordinary examples of wicked cults that begged the question "Why?" When people think of crazed cults The People 's Temple quickly comes to mind because it truly fits the definition of a cult "a small group of very devoted supporters or fans" (Merriam-Webster). The members of The People 's…show more content…
Everything about their existence was controlled they couldn 't even talk to one another without worrying if someone was on the other end spying. Also, any phone calls made or letters sent would have to be censored. Late-night meetings and mock suicide drills were a common facet of living in that prison. (History) Those mock suicide drills were in preparation for a "revolutionary suicide" that would play out (American Experience). What got the ball rolling toward that suicide was Leo Ryan a congressman who had heard numerous complaints from concerned relatives about The People 's Temple and had decided to find out if those complaints were true. A few days after their arrival in Guyana Ryan, kin of The People 's Temple, and a media team were finally permitted inside the compound. After some time Leo Ryan made an announcement that he didn 't live to regret. He said if anybody wanted to leave Jonestown than they can come with him. Understandably, no one visibly said, "Yes, I want to leave. " Instead, the defectors a note to one of the reporters. Finding out about that note made Jones livid even so Leo continued to try to convince the crowd and when one person stepped forward many others followed. As a result, of so many people wanting to get away another plane had to be employed. That gave Jim enough time to organize a group to murder the turncoats. Five people were slaughtered and eleven barely survived. That event rattled Jim Jones enough that he ordered everyone

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