Cultual Diversity in My Community

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Cultural diversity is a major epidemic in this world today. There are many small towns that do not want to deal with the diversity of people and do not want to accept diversity into their community. My community, which is known as Princeton, was developed in the early 1800 's, and we are one of those communities. The most common issues with cultural diversity are race and gender. Although the majority of people in my community feel that the days of cultural diversity are long gone, I would have to beg to differ with them and bring to their attention a few of the opposing issues that still occur here in our community. As our textbooks have taught us, cultural diversity has been alive since the beginning of time and from the way that it …show more content…
Once the business was established, the owner began to hire in employees from the Hispanic race. The elderly people of the city petitioned for the restaurant to be closed at once. There were no substantial evidence for the closure and therefore the petition was not granted.
The community refused to allow any type of growth to come into it, especially when the business owners were from a minority race. Due to the rapid growth surrounding our community areas, the city was forced to agree on the expansion and growth of the city (Bull, 2007). Without the decision for approval to expand the city and businesses, the city itself would have eventually been taken over by the rapid growth of all the surrounding cities. Once the agreement for growth and advancement took effect, it has slowly begun to allow immigrants of all races the opportunity to move into our community. If it 's not enough for our city leaders to be against the culture diversity, our long time members are as well. Therefore, a lot of the population refuses to go to the businesses that are owned by someone of a minority group. This situation has gotten so bad that some of the citizens completely refuse to go into a store or business if there was someone of another race working inside. The younger generation of our community is more
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