Cultural Adaptation And Change : A New World

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When we are born, we come into the world knowing very little about how to adapt to the new world that we just came into. Through the years we adapt and change by learning from others. As babies need to adapt to their new world, cultures also need to adapt and change to things that are new in a society. This paper will argue the importance for cultures to adapt to changes as well as comparing two authorities on adaptation and change.
Cultural Adaption and Change Cultural adaptation and change happens when you are introduced into a new culture therefore needing or having to adapt to the new environment. Another way is when new technology, medicine or other culture is introduced and the majority of society believes the change is beneficial to their society so they change it. An example of technological adaptation and change is the cell phone. The first cell phone was tested in 1973. The phone was huge and bulky weighing nearly 30 ounces. When the cell phone was introduced to the market in 1983 they nearly cut the weight in half. Today millions of people subscribe to cell phone use and as a result, cell phone manufacturers needed to adapt those phones to make it easier to carry. Today, cell phones a mere 3 ounces (, n.d.). The medical field in general has adapted to change in many ways over the years by discoveries to eradicate disease and ways to treat cancer. With the discovery of immunizations, fatal diseases such as polio, small pox and diphtheria have been…
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