Cultural Adaptation

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INTRODUCTION Cultural Adaptation explores how creative ideas are packaged and nationalised to meet local taste, maps the cultural economy of adaptation in entertainment media ranging from motion pictures to mobile phones, and even probes the role of cultural recipes and formats in mutating participatory experiences of theme parks and sporting spectacles. Written in a lively and accessible manner, the book also provides insight into remaking in lifestyle and consumption cultures including fashion, food, drink, and gambling. Essential for communication, cultural, media, leisure and consumption studies scholars and students alike, this book opens up important new perspectives on how we understand global creativity.…show more content…
In Japan the buyer is the master and the seller is like a servant. This changes the whole dynamic of how products are sold and marketed. The seller is concerned with what the buyer wants, rather than what they want to sell. When the customer’s interest is put before the profit of the company, this can lead to strong and lasting relationships between the buyer and seller. GENERAL MOTORS [pic] About General Motors industry: The General Motors Corporation was founded in 1908 and is currently the world’s largest producer of automobiles. Currently, the United States holds the “largest national market” for General Motors. China, Canada, the UK, and Germany follow the United States for GM’s largest markets. General Motors, also known as GM, currently employs people from all parts of the world with an employee population of 326,999 . The current headquarters of the company resides in Detroit, Michigan. Some of the brands that GM encompasses consist of: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, GM Daewoo, Holden, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, and Vauxhall. Within all of these companies, GM produces vehicles in 33 countries and in 2005 9.17 million GM cars and trucks were sold globally. Along within the vehicle aspect of GM, the company also owns a financial company known as GMAC Financial Services. This sector of GM offers residential and commercial financing and insurance. Another sector within General Motors is
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