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I currently lead a team called Pontonet as part of my responsibilities as Sr. Strategic Customer Manager who is based in Brazil. When I began my job in August I was quickly introduced and held meetings with my manager and a co-worker. I noticed very quickly that our abrasive American ways of communicating was not effective by listening in on conference calls with the three of us. I noticed as well that there was a seemingly deep sense that creating a more relation type of Management/Vendor management style was would make for a clearer and cleaner method than the alternative. I learned in haste that my report Jurandir at Pontonet began to
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Religion in Brazil Although there are other religions reported in the country, Brazil is primarily known and identified with being Roman-Catholic. The distinction being that Brazil is, with over two-thirds identifying themselves as such, considered the country with the highest number of Catholics in the world. Racial Tensions and Equality In the United States there has of late been a higher sensitivity to African-Americans and their plight for social justice. Movements such as “Black Lives Matter” underscore the prevailing opinion that there still are inequalities as it pertains to the criminal justice system as well as socio-economic discriminations that many in America find unjust and deplorable. These injustices however pale in comparison to those that have occurred in Brazil even within the last ten years to Blacks in Brazil. When 19 Afro-Latinos were murdered in a police operation in the massacre of 2007 in the Comlexo do Alemão the riots that took place were no less than catastrophic. The riots in Watts in the 60’s as well as the Rodney King riots of the 90’s together brought less damage, death and destruction. The country still is reeling from the effects and the negative opinion of Blacks in the country Gender roles in Brazil Brazil has long been known as a hyper-sexual society. With its historically topless beaches, nude dancing,
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