Cultural Analysis Of South Kore Characteristics That Define A Culture Essay

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Cultural awareness is critical in the operations of TRADOC and the Fires Center of Excellence Command. Cultural awareness ensures the personnel have cultural expertise, cultural understanding and cultural awareness. Culture can be defined as the way of life especially evident in the case of general customs, and beliefs of a particular group of time at a particular time (Sahlins 2013). People of different regions have their own way of routines and this forms the basic aspect of culture. This paper seeks to prepare a social cultural analysis in the case of South Korea.
Characteristics that define a culture
Although different scholars have given different definitions of culture, the basic argument is that culture is a collective heritage learned by individuals and usually passed on from one generation to another. Culture can be explained by various characteristics but there are five main characteristics that are common (Johnston 2013). Firstly, culture is usually a learned behavior. Although not all behaviors are learned majority are learnt either consciously or unconsciously (O’Neil 2012). For example, children learn most of their behavior from their parents which means that they adopt cultures from the older people in the society. Secondly culture can be described as abstract in that it exists in the minds or habits of people in a particular society. In other words, in most cultures there is no explanations as to why people do various activities most of the reasons are
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