Cultural Analysis of Ben & Jerry's Issue Using Schein's Culture Framework

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Company Background of Ben & Jerry’s In 1978, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. was established in Vermont, Burlington. According to Material Handling Management (2008), Ben & Jerry’s operate with “more than 650 employees in three facilities, all in Vermont – South Burlington, Waterbury and St. Albans. Corporate offices are located at South Burlington site.” Ben & Jerry’s hold ‘Free Cone Day: free scoops of Ben & Jerry’s’ once a year to mark its annual anniversaries nationwide. Ben & Jerry’s Foundation is founded in 1985 to offer funding to community-oriented schemes. The board of directors of the company “commits 7.5% of the company’s annual pretax profits to philanthropy.” ( Ben & Jerry’s…show more content…
According to Wilson (2010: 224), “organizational cultures are not mirror images of the cultures of the wilder society.” As businesses grow internationally, culture becomes an important feature to consider. “Intercultural communication refers to a process in which messages created in one culture must be processed and interpreted in another culture.” (Hill, Wu, Beadle and Brown, 2012: 297) Organizations from different countries where native language is not similar to each other, may encounter difficulties to communicate due to barriers to intercultural communication which includes non-verbal behaviors and non-verbal interactions. Non-verbal interactions and behaviors can cause anger, sadness and fear because of misunderstanding each other. Language, anxiety, prejudice and stereotypes are also barriers to intercultural communications. Language can be misunderstood by translation problems. Translation plays a role in enhancing communications between cultures. However, translation is often faulty by

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