Cultural Analysis of Chile Essay

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Throughout the ensuing paper we will dive into a country of rich heritage, beautiful landscape, and an extraordinary people with a very promising future. Chile is the longest country in the world geographically speaking with a majority of the population residing in the central region, specifically Santiago, the capital, and Viña del Mar. The official language is Spanish, although in some regions a couple of other languages are still prevalent.
Politically, the country has gone through many transitions from dictatorships, to military coups, to Christian democratic ruling parties. Today, Chile is a strong democratic nation. The family is very important to Chileans; this is influenced largely by the mestizo way of living. The
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In 1945, Chile became a charter member of the United Nations. The post-world war époque bought a lot of political and economic uproar to the people of Chile as communist and Christian democrat parties were fighting steadily to claim governmental power.
In continuance, during the 1960's, a Christian-democrat majority finally formed the government but was not able to stabilize the nation. The discontent of the people subsided in 1970 with the election of Salvador Allende, who promised full nationalization of all basic industries and banks. He was the first President of the western world that was chosen according to a communist program in a non-Communist country. But opposition and resistance to his socialist policy was strong, both inside and outside the country, as the U.S. supported his Allende's opponents financially and ideology-wise. In 1973 Allende was removed from power in a military coup, where he allegedly committed suicide.
Following Allende, the notorious Pinochet regime seized power. Under his rule, the Constitution, Congress and political parties were dissolved. Thousands of political opponents were arrested, executed, tortured or simply "disappeared". Augosto Pinochet, a military general, became President and stayed in office until 1990 when he resigned as President. He remained involved, however, as the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. In the mid 1990's a new elected Christian democratic government, together with human

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