Cultural Analysis on the Country of Mexico Essay

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Cultural Analysis The marketer needs basic information to evaluate a country market’s potential, identify problems that would eliminate a country from further consideration, identify aspects of a country’s environment for possible adaptation, and develop a strategic market approach. One further use of the information collected in the preliminary analysis (cultural analysis) is as a basis for country notebook. A country notebook includes a Cultural Analysis, Economic Analysis, Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis. The data suggested in the cultural analysis includes information that helps the marketer make market-planning decisions. However, its application extends beyond product and market analysis to being an important source of…show more content…
• Secondary education (Quality, levels of development, etc) • Higher education (quality, level of development, etc)  Literacy rates o Political system  Political structure  Political parties  Stability of government  Special taxes  Role of local government o Legal system  Organization of the judiciary system  Code, common, socialist, or Islamic-law country?  Participation in patents, trademarks, and other conventions o Social organizations  Group behavior  Social classes  Clubs, other organizations  Race, ethnicity, and subcultures o Business customs and practices • Religion and aesthetics o Religion and other belief systems  Orthodox doctrines and structures  Relationship with the people  Which religions are prominent?  Membership of each religion  Any powerful or influential cults? o Aesthetics  Visual arts (fine arts, plastics, graphics, public art, colors, etc.)  Music  Drama, ballet, and other performing arts  Folklore and relevant symbols • Living conditions o Diet and nutrition  Meat and vegetable consumption rates  Typical meals  Malnutrition rates  Foods available o Housing  Types of housing available  Do most people own or rent?  Do most people live in one-family dwellings or with other families? o Clothing  National dress  Types of
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