Cultural And Educational Areas Of The United States

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Final Reflection
Over the semester I have learned, and developed in many areas of cultural and educational areas. We went over a large variety of multicultural influences and their impact on us personally and in educational settings, and I feel that I have grown immensely in numerous categories. Culture is such a big part of all of our everyday lives, and it impacts the way to act much more than we could ever realize. The world is full of diversity, throughout every continent. The United States is becoming more and more diverse as time goes on, and some people need to change with the times. The world is changing, but some are caught in the past with views on culture and diversity. It is sad to see how groups of people are still, in the
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This course has opened my eyes to some issues that most people find to be a joke, but those of the group in which the joking is towards may not feel the same way. One of the objectives we looked at during class was the diversity wheel. This looks at the different layers of diversity. On the inner dimensions of the wheel, with little argument, are both race and ethnicity. There have always been issues in the U.S. as well as other countries with ethnicity. Why should the color of someone’s skin impact the way you feel or act around them? I believe all man and woman are created equal, and the color of their skin should not impact anything, just the actions they later partake.
There is obviously a wide spread of Classes and Socioeconomic Statuses in the world. Some people are born into a class, and others build their way up in the world, but these classes do not identify who we are. Money is just a number, and it may define our socioeconomic status, but it does not represent who we are as people. People in the upper class may seem very charitable because of large donations, but it is the lower class that still donate that have the large heart.
Gender and Sexual Orientation are both very large issues in our society. For people with confusion on sexual orientation it can be extremely hard for them to get through school, or work, or just going through normal, everyday activities. People are very judgmental when
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