Cultural And Historical Trauma Among Native Americans

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Cultural and Historical Trauma Among Native Americans. Chapter 10 After reading this chapter I put my culture into perceptive and what I have experienced that can relate to cultural and historical trauma. Growing up I never saw myself any different than the other kids at school and I don’t know if they saw me different. I attended a predominately white Catholic school out by Midway Airport. I didn’t realize I was different and in different I mean by I didn’t eat what my friends ate I didn’t look like the other girls looked. I didn’t have blonde hair, white milky skin and colored eyes. I would get really tan during the summer and did not burn like the other girls and boys did. Spanish was spoken in my home along with a mix of English. When…show more content…
I decided to go down a different route and go to a school that no one from my grade school was attending. I ended up at Maria High School on 67th and California an all-girl Catholic high school which was predominately African American and Hispanic. It was an entirely different environment for me. The hallways were filled with girls some of the teachers were nuns. Girls were speaking Spanish and others were speaking Lithuanian. I had friends from all different backgrounds and cultures but I still did not know who I was or identified as. When I entered my mid 20’s I had finally accepted that my curly thick hair was here to stay but I was curious onto why my hair texture was the way it was. So, I asked my mother, she began to explain that Ecuadorians are a mix of Spanish, South American, Native, and African. She began with the history of Ecuador and how the Incas took over the land, and then the Spaniards came and took over land. The Spaniards brought slaves from Africa to work on the sugar plantations. Not only did they bring slaves but they also brought diseases (smallpox) which killed many people. My great grandmother was Spanish and African. I was also curious on how my grandmother my mother’s mom was Chinese. Going back into history during World War II my grandmothers father migrated to Ecuador. That’s a little cultural history on my mother’s side. My father is Mexican both of my grandparents are of Mexican lineage. The
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