Cultural And Managerial Issues That Plague The Virtual Police Department

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The purpose of this paper is to identify the historical, cultural and managerial issues that plague the Virtual Police Department. This paper is to identify the issues and to come up with possible solution for the department. This paper will show four problem and solution from professional development and training, leadership and management, personnel administration and operations. I will show crime statics, trends and patterns of the crimes that have been reported to the police. It will show where the policing have dropped to allow these crime rates climb.

Professional Development and Training

The Virtual Police Department (VPD) only required a high school diploma or equivalent to be qualified police officer. The department does not care and even discouraged personnel not to go college. The VPD culture believed that experience was the best way to educate the police on the force. With most of the senior officers who achieved promotion based on merit and experience. With education at the VPD at a very low state of less than ten percent with two-year degrees, of which were achieved through an agreement with the local community college based on their police training. Even with the push, for a bachelor degree requirement that was derailed because it would make the current commanders pool ineligible for promotion. This affected the culture because the organization believes to assign commands to commanders based off skills, talents, and personal preference not based
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