Cultural And Racial Discrimination By Angel Kyodo Williams

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different culture, who are of a different race.

. . .

We may have a concept about happiness, about freedom, about the future, and we tend to impose these concepts on other races, other groups, other cultures, other countries, and we create suffering for them. We think that everybody must accept and live up to our political model in order to qualify as a civilized people. Thinking this way is like tying ourselves up with rope and using the same rope to tie up everybody else. Cultural and racial discrimination creates suffering for ourselves and for others. We have to give ourselves a chance to learn new ways of thinking and acting so that we can create connections with other civilizations, other races, other cultures.

We cannot remain stuck in our superiority complex, whether it is based on race, on culture, on technology, or on ideology.

Diversity is needed, another leading Buddhist teacher states, to relieve our suffering—the suffering of dominant group members. angel Kyodo Williams states:

Where diversity of mainstream communities is concerned, most of the work is for white folks to attend to. The dominant group is actually suffering because it is not dealing with something that is present. The structures may make it such that they don’t have to, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are suffering. Any time we’re part of a system that perpetuates oppression, ultimately we’re suffering in keeping that system going. In American Buddhism these kinds
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