Cultural And Religious Beliefs And Beliefs

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Family is something that makes people what they are and supports them in every difficult situation. Cultural and religious beliefs often dictate family structures, and the beliefs of those cultures and religions, especially regarding genders, are then reflected in power dynamics. This happens because cultures manipulate people’s perspective of viewing genders because of their religious beliefs. Some families are shaped according to this belief that men are more important and the boys in a family get more privileges and more attention than the girls. Different cultures and their beliefs make the boys and the men look more powerful and cause the girls to think that they are inferior to the boys.
In Hmong and in many other households, boys are seen as more important. They are the ones who will carry the family traditions and name to next generation. Girls are seen as someone else’s property as they will get married and go to someone else’s family and will carry their name and be a part of that family. Girls since childhood are taught that the house they were born in and are raised in is not their actual house. Their house will be where their husband lives. In Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Anne Fadiman wrote about how a girl’s placenta is buried under her parent’s bed. However, a boy’s placenta is buried near the base of the house’s central wooden pillar because in this pillar a male spirit who is a domestic guardian, held the roof up. That pillar is a great place of…
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