Cultural And Religious Considerations During End Of Life Care

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Cultural and Religious Considerations During End-of-Life Care Geraldine Barron Denver School of Nursing Abstract There are many cultural and religious beliefs in the world in which many individuals base their end of life care according to those beliefs. As a nurse it is important to be aware of the different varieties of religious and cultural beliefs and be open minded when caring for these individuals. It has been shown that individuals who are dealing with end of life are better able to cope and have a better overall experience when their cultural and religious practices are respected in the healthcare setting. Cultural and Religious Considerations During End-of-Life Care The end of life is a unique and individual…show more content…
So why as future nurses is it so important to be able to provide end of life care according to an individual’s cultural and religious beliefs? And what is it about people’s religious and cultural beliefs that help patient’s better approach the end of life? In the content of this paper a variety of cultural and religious beliefs will be examined to see how each individual’s perspective regarding the approach and decisions of end of life care are influenced by their cultural and religious beliefs, but also to see how those beliefs play a role in how nurses approach and care for these individuals. Most religions and cultures view and have a different perspective on how they approach end of life care. There are hundreds if not thousands of religions along with individual cultural beliefs all around the world but, the ones that will be discussed in the content of this paper include; Buddhism, Muslim, Hinduism, and Judaism . Buddhism is a tradition that focuses on personal spiritual development that attempts for a deep meaning into the true nature of life in which their spiritual beliefs and practices are based off of the teachings of Buddha. The Buddhist religion is based on four fundamental contemplations that form the foundation of understanding and meditation: first, that a human rebirth is extremely precious and should be used to its highest
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