Cultural And Social Aspects Of Sports

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Cultural and Social aspects of Sports My organization is a massive organization that many people belong to around the world. It is amazing the different types of culture that it brings in which all people are welcome. The organization that I belong to and have been a part of is sports. Sports are something that kids from ages three to adult can be apart of and be accepted. I actually work for a sporting complex that hosts basketball, volleyball, and soccer. By working there I have come to know the culture, socialization, social structure, and the informal and formal norms. It is amazing to see all of these cultures and social aspects blend together. Culture is all around sports, whether it is baseball, soccer, football, and etc. Each sport has their own set norms, values, symbols of their organization. Since I see baseball and basketball on a regular basis, I have decided to use these as my sport organizations to differentiate their cultural and social aspects. Being around them everyday have made me more aware of these sports and how they interact with our culture. It was an adjustment to know the differences between the sports that I have been associated with but with time I come to understand each culture. The cultures of these sports are not all the same, but they do have similarities which can be from pregame rituals to certain dress attire. Basketball cultural influences are the reason why the game’s culture is diverse. The game is played different than long ago
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