Cultural And Structural Community: Similarities And Differences

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Community is an elusive term, known by everyone yet somewhat difficult to get a firm grasp of, its relatively vague and many different norms and values fall under the direct distinction of community. Talcott Parsons describes community a collective of which the members share a common territorial area as their base of operations for daily activities. Every individual has their own idealised version of what a community is and what is should look like. There are many theoretical definitions of what a community is and just as many glorified versions of what a community should be. Anthony P. Cohen says that we, as a society are attached to the idea of community and strive to understand it “We confront an empirical phenomenon: people’s attachment to community. We seek an understanding of it by trying to capture some sense of their…show more content…
The cultural and structural communities have a few similarities but the difference heavily outweigh the similarities. The cultural community is a far more traditional community where everyone is familiar with each other and there is a long-lasting bond in place, it is a tight nit unit that try to help each other. On the other-hand the structural community is more involved with modernisation and with infrastructure. They are far more involved on bettering themselves by looking in at other communities and seeing what works for them. They rely heavily on rules and regulations in order to keep a firm structure. The structural community is more set in urbanised areas and more often than not would not know their neighbours in the same way that you would see in the cultural community. the main similarity between cultural community and structural community is that both communities want to be the best they can be at what they do and care for the individuals in the best way that they
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