Cultural Anthropology : Anthropology And Behavioral Patterns

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Jordonnia Scarlett Professor Ellen Hamrick Cultural Anthropology March 5, 2015 As I sat down to write this paper I was a bit disoriented. The topic of anthropology/anthropologist seemed simple, yet boring. Subsequent researching the prompt questions, my friend called. Without allowing him to speak, I said, “writing a paper on anthropologists, can’t talk.” Before I could hang up, responded quickly saying “if I were an anthropologist I would be a linguistic anthropologist.” Immediately I realized my ignorance. Before taking this course I was not aware that there were different types of anthropologists and the role they play in our lives, in this paper I will argue that anthropologists should be applauded for their contributions to…show more content…
Let’s say this were true, then I believe that their mentality eventually limited them to only look for what they already believed was so. However, there is a flipside to this theory. Already having an idea on what they will find provides them with a starting point, which can lead them down any road they choose. Somewhat similar to the early theories of the Earth’s shape, is it flat? Is it round? The world may never know, but now we actually do know due to a starting theory which evolved as time progressed, eventually educating us on the spherical shape of the Earth. Anthropology is divided into four distinct fields, biological, linguistic, cultural and archeology. Each field has the job of tackling a different part of the study of humans. Biological anthropology focuses on genetics and inheritance. Linguistic anthropologists focuses on human communication and the impact different languages has on individuals and communities. Cultural anthropology targets cultural attitudes and the impacts on human population. Lastly, there is Archeological anthropology, which centers on discovering and reconstructing history through artifacts. Archeologist implant themselves in the past, ultimately helping to predict our future. These four fields only generalize how deep and complex the topic of humans can be. Using their eyes as their primary tools alongside their notepads, pencils, brushes ,tape recorders,
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