Cultural Anthropology

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Anthropology 1A03 Exam Review Week 7 Monday October 18-Thursday October 21 “Expressive Culture” (Miller Text Chapter 11) Expressive Culture October 18: Expressive Culture is: Behaviour and beliefs related to art, leisure, and play. - linked to other cultural domains such as: Exchange: pot latching art and dance, Bodily modification. Decorations, tattoos Religion: clothing, practices, etc. What is Art? Art is application of imagination, skill and style to matters movement, and sound that goes beyond the purely practical. * High art= in a museum * Low art= graffiti Who decides: What is Art? Emic/etic confusions regarding art * Emic: insider (member) view or members of culture * Etic: outsider (observer)…show more content…
Wrote the Midterm Communication: October 27 Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology: * Material from both fields of anthropology about human communication * Connections to biological anthropology, ex. Nonhuman primate communication and archaeology regarding communication in past cultures The Varieties of Human Communication: * Language and verbal communication * Non verbal communication/language and embodied communication * Communicating with media and technology Basic Concepts: Communication: conveying meaningful messages from one person or animal to another. Language: based on a systematic set of learned and shared symbols and signs. Two distinctive features of Human Language: 1. Productivity= the ability to create an infinite range of understandable messages. 2. Displacement= the ability to refer to event in the past and future (displaced domains) What do the Pirahas have to teach us: language as a tool, happiness is way of life - seem very happy, Daniel Everett- Endangered languages video - the ways in which the case of the piraha can teach us about language elsewhere, they don`t use numbers culturally. Little evidence of productivity and displacement in Piraha language - their language is adequate for their culture. Language
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