Cultural Anthropology : Physical Anthropology

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Anthropology: It is a general comprehensive science of man in the past and present of any culture. This is divided into two main areas: physical anthropology, dealing with biological evolution and physiological adaptation of humans, and social or cultural anthropology that deals with people living in society, ie forms of evolution of language, culture and customs. Anthropology uses tools and knowledge produced by the natural sciences and the social sciences. Aspiration of anthropological discipline is to produce knowledge about the human being in various areas, but always as part of a society. Thus, attempts to encompass both the biological evolution of our species, development and lifestyles of people who have disappeared, the social structures of today and the diversity of cultural and linguistic expressions that characterize humanity.
Physical Anthropology: Physical anthropology is primarily concerned with the evolution of man, human biology and the study of other primates, using working methods used in the natural sciences. In other words, the study of man considering its nature and culture.
Cultural Anthropology: The branch of anthropology that studies the characteristics of learned behavior in human societies, ie science of human culture. Overall, it is the science that studies the origin, development, structure, characteristics and variations of human culture both past societies like those of the present. Ethnography, ethnology, archeology, linguistics and…
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