Cultural Appropriation And Its Effect On Society Essay

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CULTURE! he pride, the identity, the history, the importance it serves to its people. Culture show the struggle the knowledge, the life, and the death of a people. Cultural appropriation is defined as the adaptation or use of elements of one culture by the members of another culture. Seen by some as controversial where minority culture is used by cultural majority (whites), and is seen as stripping it of its importance and intellectual properties.Cultural appropriation, it is something that we as a people should not accept nor should we ignore it.For it has been committed on many platforms such as music and fashion, and is a way to keep black people oppressed by stereotypes and strip them of their pride.
Over the years cultural appropriation has become the norm in the music industry. Since the 1950s white musicians have been banking off of other cultures as a way to to entertain and make profit without giving credit (n)or (under-) compensating the originators. For example elvis presly proclaimed “the king” of rock and roll. Which had been around a while before elvis hit the scene in the juke joints of the deep south. As Elvis admits he himself didn’t invent rock and roll in interview saying “Rock ’n’ roll was around a long time before me,”. He found fame and fortune off of re-recording songs wrote and recorded by african american musicians and claiming them as his own gaining fame and fortune. “Elvis was paid $25,000 for doing three songs in a movie and I only got
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