Cultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Minority Culture

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In Western culture, people seldom realize the amount of cultural appropriation that occurs around them. Westerners are blinded by cultural mockery and cultural appropriation without realizing its offensive effects to minority groups. During the Halloween holiday, in Western culture, people of all ages dress up in a variety of costumes such as horror themed, fairy tale themed, job themed, cultural themed and much more. Harvard University members have argued that a cultural themed costume is a form of cultural appropriation. Also in Western culture, in the music industry, white artists have utilized and exploited aspects from minority cultures to boost their fame. Costumes, props, ideas, music, and others considered as cultural appropriation is often overlooked but it is apparent when closely examined. In countries that celebrate Halloween such as the United States and Canada, it is a tradition to dress up in various types of costume themes. Some people dress up in cultural costumes or religious costumes. Herman Bhupal and Judy Park from Harvard University have addressed that dressing in cultural or religious costumes for Halloween, “can serve as mechanisms for cultural appropriation” (This Halloween, Choose Respect). Cultural appropriation is the adoption of standards and aspects from another culture when the culture is a minority group. Some people may agree that wearing cultural clothing as Halloween costumes may be offensive to those of whose culture is being mocked as
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