Cultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Society

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What does it mean to appropriate a culture? Does it mean to use a subject of that culture out of context until it is no longer “special” or “sacred”? Or is cultural appropriation a term used to reclaim a culture that a group wants to keep for itself? Maybe it’s the assumption all cultures must uphold their own ways of speaking, looking, and living without allowing anyone else to mimic them as to always stand out and hold a place in society. Regardless, cultural appropriation has been a trending topic of conversation and news in the past few years, and thas inhibited creativity and freedom of expression.

I have repeatedly come across headlines that accuse cultural insensitivity against runway models and designers, white socialites, and movie directors because they’ve worn African esque hairstyles. Those people come under fire for expressing themselves similarly to how a certain culture already has. Marc Jacobs made headlines when he was accused of stealing black culture because his models were given multicolored dreadlocks. “The designer was subsequently accused of cultural appropriation, of lifting influences from black culture and showing them on a cast of predominantly white models. Jacobs was rapidly tried and sentenced by a public jury; a fusillade of comments rained down on Instagram and Twitter” (Fury, 2016). The headline accused Jacobs of doing something everyone does everyday, incorporating something they’ve seen to express themselves creatively, regardless of…
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