Cultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Society

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Imagine a world in which cultures where being mocked by dressing like them, making profit from their cultures, and stealing the cultures ideas, this is an example of Cultural Appropriation. “Cultural appropriation is defined as the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture” (Seghal 1). It is not something that has to be imagined as it is the reality that we live in today. Many problems have arisen the past year in ethnicity issues, and it is all due to people not knowing what is right and wrong. An outcome of such choice can include dressing up as others cultures for fun. It has made many students around the country furious at campus faculty and students. The problem today is that students don’t realize what is right and wrong about today’s culture such behavior can lead to one dressing up as a black person, or wearing sombreros. Dressing up as a clothing of another culture has led many from the culture feeling lacerated. Due to the unacceptable behavior, many of the students from the culture have directed their madness towards the dean or administrator. The much needed madness infused by many of the students has led to many administrators from different schools giving up their spots. I believe cultural appropriation is acceptable when a person wants to be a part of the of the culture, by paying respect or even creating a better image for the culture, but should not be tolerated when it is used to put a culture down. When we students do
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