Cultural Appropriation And Its Effects

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Most things in life are not guaranteed. However, a few things are like taxes and cafeteria food being of low quality. Students at Oberlin are complaining about the school’s cafeteria food is racist and “cultural appropriation”. Cultural appropriation is the act of taking another cultural group’s culture. In this case, it is from poorly made Asian foods like sushi and General Tso’s chicken. They claim that because these foods are poorly made, it is an insult to them and their culture. Most people find this case to be absolutely ridiculous and use it as a way to prove that people can get offended over anything.
The whole idea of cultural appropriation is taking culture from a marginalized group. This has recently became a hot issue with the droves of Tumblr and their ilk. The main problem with the people are fighting cultural appropriation is that it makes it so there is no “right” way to share other people’s cultures around. This is taken to the extreme in this case, it is ridiculous to say that somebody is stealing culture when the food is poorly prepared. From the article, a Japanese student was complaining about the quality of the sushi being prepared at the school and the lack of fresh fish. Well, as a person who enjoys sushi I can easily say that an American school will never be a good place for sushi. Especially a landlocked, tiny liberal arts school in Ohio. Quality sushi is really hard to come by in Ohio, outside of specialized restaurants. That’s not stealing
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