Cultural Appropriation : Chill.

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Eduardo Munguia
Communications 1
Karyl K
May 26, 2016
Cultural Appropriation: Chill
So, it’s October 31st and you’re walking into a Halloween party. Everyone’s having a good time and so are you. You walked in with a ton of confidence as you love your costume but instead of getting a compliment, some random stranger taps you on the shoulder and says “your costume counts as cultural appropriation.” (Attention Getter)
Let’s face it, cultural appropriation is a big deal nowadays. It’s in music videos, movies, cartoons, music, the list goes on and on and while some may claim that this issue has been blown out of proportion by overly sensitive people, I choose to say otherwise. We as students of a highly prestigious and diverse university owe it to not only ourselves, but to those around us, to be educated on matters like this. Above all, we owe it to our generation to be knowledgeable on the true negative impacts that cultural appropriation has had and can continue to have on our current and future generations. (Reason to listen)
Cultural appropriation, whether it be intentional or not, should be avoided at all costs because cultural appropriation allows our society to continue to (1) express appreciation for a culture, but not for its people, (2) glorify those who adopt features of the oppressed cultured group but discredits its members. (Thesis)
In order to fully understand why cultural appropriation should be avoided at all costs, one ought to understand

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