Cultural Appropriation Is Not Inevitable And Not Ethical

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Relevancy for target audiences is a large aspect of marketing to maintain interest within the target market. However, ethical and moral considerations need to be understood when using aspects of other cultures, especially when re-selling and mass marketing ideas that emerge organically within society (mainly minorities). Ethics can mean many different things, so in this essay there will be a general focus on cultural appropriation including basic information on why it is wrong and a comparison of cultural appreciation. Conversations about cultural appropriation can be brought about in so many different ways that it can be hard to separate information. Therefore this essay will argue that cultural appropriation is not inevitable and not ethical, and will mainly contain information about; companies that use cultural appropriation for profit, cultural appropriation in media, and the general ethics of cultural appropriation. Please note that the topics discussed will be done so in a very brief form, compared to the information that can be found on this topic.
Culture can be defined as “the practices, beliefs, ideas, values, traditions, rituals, language, speech, modes of communication, material objects, and performances that are central to the social life of any given group of people” (Cole 2015). Cultural appropriation can be generally understood as taking something from another culture that you don’t belong to, changing its original meaning and taking it out of its cultural

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