Cultural Appropriation Of The United States

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It has become one of the leading issues especially in the United States in the past few years. In the world today, many people are witless as to what is cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation defines as when one culture adopts an element of another culture. (Uwujaren 9/30/13) When it comes to Cultural appropriation a lot of the South Asian culture get appropriated. Being a South Asian myself I feel obligated to let people know. There are many examples of cultural appropriation today, such as henna tattoos, bindi’s, sports team names, and even clothes. These cultures or traditions have become a fad for people, especially in America. People who are within the culture tend to get offended when their culture is made into a fad. There are many arguments in newspapers, blogs, and articles that are against cultural appropriation. I, myself have come upon many posts on that have to do with Cultural appropriation. also has multiple articles on the subject. One of the cultures that has been appropriated is Henna. Henna tattoos also known as mehndi have become a sort of fashion in America for the past year. One can get henna tattoos applied anywhere at any time. Yet the majority of Americans who go to carnivals, theme parks, and rodeos have no idea where henna originates from and what it is actually meant for. “Henna tattoos originated from subcontinent India before Pakistan.” (Parmer 11/13) It is meant to be put on during happy occasions such as
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