Cultural Appropriation

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The Benefits of Appropriation. In a world of increasingly rampant globalization aided by advancements in transportation and technology, cultural exchange has become a daily event that spans across continents in less than a second. A product of this exchange, however, has been increasingly on the receiving end of criticism during recent years. A specific term has been commonly adopted and used to summarize this wave of disapproval: Cultural appropriation. Seen by some as a sort of cultural, exploitive crime, I believe cultural appropriation to be just another part of the process of interaction in our modernized world. Since the early development of civilizations, cultures have borrowed and adopted ideas from each other. As an example,…show more content…
From the languages we speak, the food we eat, the art we produce, the innovations we create; it is through adaptation and shared intellectual property that we succeed. We should focus on promoting genuine interest, empathy and understanding of other cultures while condemning attempts to mock, disdain or stereotype them. Cultural appropriation is not the problem; it is the solution, if well
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